It is so much like summer. School is out, it’s hot,signs in stores say ‘Happy Summer’ and all the memorial day excitement seems like the fourth of July. I have been SO busy latley. I am so sorry I haven’t posted any thing latley!


First Inning

So, what’s up? Just so you know, I went to the Blue Jay’s Giant’s game on the eighth. Of May. I kept score, and here it is: Well, Wait a second, it’s kind of long. I’ll type the first inning , tomorrow the second, ect. Here it is: Pillar against Peavy, F-9 1 out.Donaldson walks,Bautistia singles, ¬†Encarnada walks, Saunders singles, scoring Donaldsomn, Tuiliwhisky strikes out looking, 2 outs, Martin 6-3. 1-0 Blue Jays. Span versus Sanchez, 6-3 1 out. Panik walks, Duffy strikes out, 2 outs, Belt walks, Pence, 4-3 three outs. Still, 1-0 Blue Jays. Sorry for the spelling.

Reflection on School Year

Ok, so I’m not the best at reflections. So yeah. I kind of have Blogger’s Block right now. I went on lots of field trips. To a dairy. Honestly, how can people do that! I got nauseous and claustrophobic. I got to milk a cow: the lady there gave us cookies and milk. I also went to a post office. The lady there gave me popcorn. Along with the other students, too. I also went to a firehouse. There were no ladies there. Or food. Now for the school year part. I suppose that field trips count. I guess. Now I have Blogger’s Block again. Aaaah! Wait. I liked going to the library. Every Monday. After taking my sisters ¬†to dance. I liked doing my online classes. Writing reports, hey, there’s a idea! I’ll post some of my reports! See ya!